FOR-A Ships Two New Switchers and a New Signal Processor

FOR-A is shipping three new products — the HVS-490 and HVS-100 switchers and FA-9600 signal processor. The HVS-490 is for the events market and is an HD and 4K-UHD (3840×2160 @ 60fps and 4:4:4 at 12-bit color) multi-effects production switcher designed for mobile shoots, events and in-house large-scale corporate productions. They include “event memory” for recurring shows/events and macro functions for camera or switch settings. And FOR-A’s MELite technology eliminates the need for multiple switchers in a multi-monitor staging scenario.

With integrated frame synchronizers and multi viewers, the HVS-490 supports 40 inputs/18 outputs, 36 inputs/20 outputs or 32-inputs/22-outputs, including two-channel HDMI outputs. In 4K, it allows 10 inputs/six outputs, nine inputs/six outputs or eight inputs/seven outputs. It also has 16 channels of 2.5D DVE as standard and can be optionally expanded to a maximum of 32 channels.

The HVS-100 video switcher with Thunderbolt 2 I/O expansion cards will also be on display at CAPER. The HVS-100 is controlled via any tablet, handheld or laptop type device with a web browser as opposed to a ‘hard’ control panel. With its Thunderbolt 2 I/O expansion cards, users can transfer video content with a single cable through computers and interface with other devices, such as character generators, virtual studios and/or file-based/IP products. One cable allows transmission of four HD signal lines.

The FA-9600 multi purpose signal processor supports 4K, 12G-SDI, HDR and Wide Color Gamut. The unit features dual channel frame synchronization, color correction, up/down/cross conversion and offers 12G-SDI and HDMI ports. The FA-9600 is designed for use in mixed HDR/SDR environments, including production studios, live staging productions and mobile OB and up-link production trucks.

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You can find the specs for each one here or click on the links for each one above.