Samsung Unveils WAM7500/6500 Round Speakers as well as New Curved Soundbars

samsung-wam7500-1214Samsung’s new WAM7500/6500 use something it’s calling a proprietary ‘Ring Radiator’ technology that allows sound to flow in a 360-degree radius. The company claims it has the perfect balance between treble and bass.

WAM7500/6500 was in part developed at Samsung’s new audio lab in Valencia, California and is available in two models: stand-type (WAM7500) and movable-type(WAM6500). The stand-type are stand-alone Hi-Fi quality speakers and the movable-type comes with a built-in battery so they can be made to work anywhere (via Bluetooth) and without power. Both models automatically connect to Samsung TVs, soundbars, phones and tablets.

At CES Samsung will finally expand its curved soundbar lineup to match its curved LED-lit LCD TVs, which has been expanded since its introduction in mid-2014. In addition to the 7500 series, Samsung will release the 8500, 6500 and 6000 series, extending the lineup to a total of four that optimally match Samsung’s curved TVs of various sizes from 45- to 78-inches. The newly-introduced 8500 series will include 9.1 channel sound connectivity options.

All the details will eventually be posted here.