Samsung MagicINFO Remote Management keeps QSRs operational

qsr 02With the MagicINFO Remote Management Solution (RMS), Samsung aids restaurant owners and quick service restaurant (QSR) franchisees in meeting their patrons’ ever-changing needs by allowing for remote access to their Samsung OH55F/OH46F outdoor digital displays so they can update settings, troubleshoot and proactively monitor the device. The license offers increased flexibility for employees and property managers so they can monitor their display network even when off the property.

Real-time versatility

The Samsung RMS is a central service solution providing remote content management and device monitoring. Users can access the solution via mobile phone, tablet or computer to update their settings from home, on the move or on the property. The intuitive mirroring interface allows display network managers to view the content as if they were standing in front of the display. Users can also troubleshoot through the RMS if their displays stop functioning properly.

Modernize your QSR with displays

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Outdoor digital signage allows restaurants and QSR locations to share up-to-date information with customers driving by the property. As many brands have multiple locations locally, regionally and nationally, this software allows device management of all outdoor displays at each individual location to fit their needs at present. Samsung’s Remote Management Solution works with existing management software to provide an overview of the hardware and content. It includes Cloud Hosting, Support by Samsung NOC (24×7) and proactive display monitoring alerts to increase awareness of when displays lose connectivity, turn off a certain function or disrupt the content being showcased.

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Streamline operations

“Our Remote Management Solution helps our customers streamline their operations and increase their flexibility by allowing them to dynamically update their Samsung outdoor signage,” said Sara Grofcsik, director of sales for QSR & C-Store in Samsung Electronic America’s Display Division. “With robust device monitoring, our Remote Management Solution can detect over 40 hardware errors within a network, identify the cause and remedy the issue without the need for a service call.”

Samsung continues to expand its offerings to best service its customers and their shifting needs. The licenses are already being leveraged by existing customers, including Pizza Hut and Smoothie King, to keep their displays working at full capacity at all times to meet the needs of their local customers. Widespread availability of the Remote Management Solution demonstrates Samsung’s dedication to supporting its existing and potential customers by bringing ease to their day-to-day tasks.

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