CTOUCH Riva Interactive Whiteboard With TrueBeam Touch Technology Now Available

ctouch riva

CTOUCH has debuted a new interactive whiteboard, dubbed the Riva, aimed at education and small-to-medium-sized businesses. The CTOUCH Riva includes CTOUCH’s own TrueBeam Touch technology, specified at a 1.5-ms response time, ~1-mm touch accuracy and 32 touchpoints. Using Triple S glass, it claims to make the writing experience more like writing on paper than on a screen; it also blocks palm writing. Two integrated stereo JBL three-way speakers (tweeter, mid-range and woofer) are used for a surround-sound-like experience.

The CTOUCH Riva is almost OS-agnostic (Android, Linux or Windows but no Mac). It includes an “eye protection mode” that automatically dims the display while users are writing on it but, once one is finished, the brightness level jumps back up to the default setting. Using something called EShare, users can push content from the display to any devices in the room — this feature works with Android, Windows, Mac and Chrome devices.

The CTOUCH Riva Operating System (COSTM) uses Android 8 and includes split-screen, control-your-display settings and even the ability to lock down the Android OS from the user.

Here’s a video we shot of the CTOUCH RIVA at ISE 2020: