Samsung Intros The Wall Professional, a 3D LED Screen for Movie Theaters, New LCDs and Shows the Flip at ISE

Using MicroLED (think: Sony CrystalLED) technology, Samsung Electronics showed something at ISE called “The Wall Professional” — a modular, large-format indoor MicroLED display that can extend to hundreds of inches in size and is designed to replace projectors in movie theaters.

The Wall Professional’s modular design allows for customized configurations beyond or below its 146-inch size standard. Users can add or remove unlimited LED screens to and from The Wall Professional without impacting performance or presentation quality. The display’s self-emitting MicroLED pixel modules produce brilliant imagery free of color filters or backlighting and envelop viewers through elevated peak brightness (up to 1,600 nit) and a near infinite contrast ratio.

The Wall Professional builds upon its consumer counterpart with the integration of Samsung’s MagicInfo content management platform. Within MagicInfo, users can create, schedule and deploy content across a single Wall Professional display or Wall Professional display network from any location. The platform also provides complete display performance visibility for immediate error detection and troubleshooting.

In addition, Samsung’s cinema team showed a new display technology claiming to be the world’s first 3D Cinema LED screen. This enhanced display maintains consistent brightness to deliver subtitle text, images and even minor visual details with unprecedented accuracy, even while viewers wear 3D glasses. Unlike standard 3D cinemas with more limited visual reach, the Samsung 3D Cinema LED screen delivers these quality-enhancing benefits throughout the entire theater, ensuring that all movie-goers enjoy the same immersive viewing experience.

In fact, they claimed it’s already DCI (Digital Cinema Initiative) certified. This 3D film accommodation would mark a significant advancement upon the initial Samsung Cinema LED screen model. First introduced in March 2017, Samsung’s High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cinema LED Screen surpasses the capabilities of legacy screen-and-projector operations to deliver superior visual quality, technical performance and reliability for theaters and their guests.

Also at ISE, Samsung’s new versions of their QM Series (450nit brightness) and QB Series (350nit brightness) UHD 4K (3840×2160) displays — all integrated with their Optimal Color Mode.

On the standard LED front, Samsung’s fine pixel-pitch IF-D Series LED Signage with HDR picture and Scene Adaptive HDR technology was on display in both concave and convex formats.

Samsung also used ISE to formally introduce its Samsung Flip interactive digital flip chart (WM55H) to the European market at ISE 2018.

Samsung Commercial is here.