rp Visual Solutions Now Shipping Wallmate 32MAX

Wallmate 32MAX

rp Visual Solutions (RPV) is shipping its Wallmate 32MAX system for mounting displays that are 65 inches and larger, up to 300 pounds. The rigid, no-shake structure includes features for simplified, in-wall installation and service access. This new mount joins the Wallmate 16 and Wallmate 32, creating a complete line of mounting systems that enable confident installation of LCD panels up to 300 pounds.

The Wallmate 32MAX integrates the back box, display mount and AV device mounting into a single SKU solution. The mounting plate’s design accommodates standard VESA patterns, includes +/- 2-degree rotation leveling and +/- 2 inches of horizontal shift. The device mount adapter sits in front of the back box with a storage capacity of 23.9″ x 19″ x 3.8″, providing ample space for accessory equipment like video extenders and small computers. If more space is required, add in up to two optional Aux Trays into the back box. Each with a 12.5″ x 7″ x 2.5″
capacity, it changes the 32MAX into a hollow space. After all the components are installed, the Wallmate 32MAX protrudes less than 1 inch from the wall for ADA compliance even after panels are mounted.

The structural steel design eliminates vibrations often encountered with flat panels that have interactive touch screens. When service is required, the Wallmate 32MAX’s new 16-inch extension arm system, upgraded from the Wallmate 32’s 9-inch extension, positions the panel at a comfortable distance from the wall. This configuration enables access to the panel and accessory electronics. Even when extended and under a 300-pound load, the Wallmate 32Max remains secure.

The system is designed for clean installation, including additional panel electronics, into a space that is two standard 16-inch studs wide, saving time and money by creating faster installation timelines onsite. Here are all the details.

Watch a video we shot of the Wallmate 32MAX here: