Ross Releases New TouchDrive Control Panels

RossThe new Ross TouchDrive is a family of control panels that has been designed with the technical director in mind — the company says the control panels will completely reinvigorate the relationship between the TD and their production switcher. According to the company, TouchDrive brings the same touch technology from smart phones to video production switchers — even gestures. Every display on the control panel is touch enabled. The high-resolution displays, based on IPS LCD technology rather than monochromatic OLEDs, make source and device control faster and enable functions like bus map creation without having to dive into menus.

TouchDrive also includes a built-in DashBoard computer, enables integrated DashBoard control for various Ross products (e.g. XPression graphics, Ultrix routing, Tria replay and others) and features power/display/control connections for an additional external display. Available in five different sizes, from a single row 15 button panel to a three-row 25-button panel, TouchDrive replaces all current Carbonite Black models except for the compact Carbonite Black Solo.