Roland Announces P-20HD Video Instant Replayer

RolandRoland announced the P-20HD Video Instant Replayer, a hardware solution for bringing professional instant replay capabilities to any live production setup. Offering simple operation and integration with most Roland A/V switchers and HDMI camcorders and cameras, the P-20HD transforms everyday video production for school sports, coaches, trainers, esports and more.

When watching a sporting event live or on a broadcast stream, today’s audiences expect the same high production values they see when watching pro teams on broadcast TV. With the P-20HD, adding the magic of instant replay to local productions has never been easier. Using intuitive controls and the integrated color LCD, a single operator can cue up replays of action to let fans relive important moments, either on a streaming feed or live event screens in the venue — or both at once.

The P-20HD records directly to high-capacity SD cards, which are widely available and easy to swap out. Action can be replayed in forward, reverse, or slow motion, stepped through frame by frame, or frozen for detailed analysis. The game is continuously recorded in the background during replays, with no gaps in the action.

The P-20HD panel features an array of dedicated hardware controls for a hands-on, frustration-free experience. Transport buttons include play, pause, forward, rewind, mark in, and mark out. A jog/shuttle wheel with optical encoding provides precise, fluid control to scrub clips for replay and editing, while the T-bar directly adjusts playback speed. A Speed Range function offers ultra-fine control, perfect for focusing in on tight action and contested plays.

With its onboard color display, the P-20HD makes it simple to manage and execute workflows in real time. In recording view, the screen shows the current video input, plus critical SD card information like recording duration, remaining storage space and available time. And in playback view, users can display cropped previews of all video clips for live replay or later compilation.

After the action is over, the media playlist builder makes it possible to aggregate clips into curated pro videos, letting users celebrate the best moments of a game on social media or distribute practice and training sessions to coaches and players for evaluation. The P-20HD natively records in the universal H.264 format, so files can be uploaded to most platforms with no conversion steps in-between.

The P-20HD can be used on its own, or upstream or downstream of any Roland video switcher. Users can connect two video sources via HDMI and switch/composite between them for replay capture. Both HDMI inputs feature built-in scalers, providing worry-free connectivity with nearly any source.

The P-20HD is ready with the most-requested instant replay features today. Via future firmware updates, Roland has a roadmap for additional capabilities that include annotation, RS-232/LAN support, external footswitch control, file import/export, multimedia playback and more.