Roland’s New Product Allows Wireless MultiCamera Streaming Using Mobile Devices

roland aerocaster

Roland revealed something that does wireless multicamera streaming using mobile devices. It’s a kit that includes an AeroCaster VRC-01hardware control surface and audio interface, the AeroCaster LIVE app for iPad and the AeroCaster Camera app for iOS and Android mobile devices. Leveraging the mobility of wireless connectivity, AeroCaster opens up a new world of creative possibilities for any livestreaming application, from online talk shows and music performances to live commerce, remote education, and beyond.

AeroCaster lets users switch wireless camera feeds from smartphones and tablets, plus screen shares from computers and mobile devices. The system supports up to four wireless devices at once, along with the camera on the host iPad. Roland’s advanced video technology is also available for adding graphics, titles, video clips, photos, and more. Operation is quick and intuitive, with a direct streaming connection to YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, and custom RTMP channels over Wi-Fi or 4G/5G cellular networks.

The Roland AeroCaster VRC-01 is available now for $295.00 here: