RGB Spectrum Enters the Management of AV-over-IP Installs Market

unnamed 21 750x400RGB Spectrum entered the management of AV-over-IP install market today with something dubbed Multi-Domain AV solutions. The scalable Multi-Domain AV solutions include the end-to-end  Zio AV-over-IP platform, the new Zio 4000 video wall processor, the  QuadView IPXe multi-image processor, the XtendPoint KVM-over-IP control solution and the Zio Mobile App.

RGB Spectrum’s second-generation Zio AV-over-IP solutions allow for real-time distribution across packet-based networks, including local area networks (LANs), wide-area networks (WANs), and mobile phone networks. Using Zio AV-over-IP, organizations can collaborate in sharing AV intelligence within a single room, throughout campus, or across the internet. As an open standards-based platform, Zio is compatible with third-party equipment and RGB’s full line of offerings: encoders, decoders, media servers, multiviewer displays and video walls.

The new Zio 4000, a full-function video wall processor with advanced networking capabilities, is available as a stand-alone video wall solution or integrated with our enterprise-class AV-over-IP distribution platform. The Zio 4000 enables complex visualization and enhanced situational awareness, displaying multiple video sources onto any size video wall or across multiple walls, with models supporting from two to 128 displays. The processor allows display windows scaled up to the whole wall or down to a thumbnail.

The Zio Mobile App allows data to be pushed or pulled from an encoder, media server, video wall or desktop display and shared on a smartphone.

The QuadView IPXe is a native 4K multiviewer for displaying video sources simultaneously on a single screen. The QuadView IPXe allows for windows of any size to be placed anywhere on the screen, creating a big digital canvas.

XtendPoint KVM-over-IP extenders allow operators to control remote systems across a room or worldwide enterprise. Secure communication and control is provided for both point-to-point extension or networked operation over a standard Gigabit Ethernet. Display options include multiview and single view monitors. A single mouse and keyboard with KlickSimple navigation enable users to control multiple devices seamlessly.