Fine Perforators: Leaders in Manufacturing and Supplying of Wedge Wire Screens

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Fine Perforators are one of the leading wedge wire screen manufacturers in India. Now, there has been an upsurge in the application of wedge wire screens. They are widely used in dehydration and desliming processes for filtration and sieving, filtration, and screening. Wedge wire screens are known for their strength, inflexibility, and load-carrying ability. Moreover, they can be moulded in different types of screening filters, even the most rigid ones.

In an interview with one of the Fine Perforator wedge wire experts, the expert revealed that wedge wire could be categorized as a type of screen wire as it is from the family of shapes that are used in the manufacturing screen further aid in different types of applications. The wedge wire is triangular in shape and can be manufactured at different heights, radii, and widths. The application of the screen is what decides the temper, surface, and alloy requirements.

Further explaining about its working the expert said that, “a wedge wire screen comprises support and surface profiles. Surface profiles are generally v-shaped wires that are enfolded and then welded on support profiles. High precision is maintained to determine the distance between the surface profiles because it forms the opening through which the deposit or filtrate comes out. V-shaped wires determine the direction of this flow and are correlated to the support profiles. The flow in wedge wire screens can be in-to-out or out-to-in.”

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