rePLAY CEDIA Expo 2023 Wrap-Up

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Hey #AVtweeps, welcome to the official wrap-up of of rePLAY CEDIA Expo 2023!

In this episode of rePLAY, our hosts, Steph Beckett and Emily Dean, walked us through their favorite moments of rAVe’s coverage of CEDIA Expo, the show that showcases the latest and greatest in HomeAV technology.

“The great thing about our product videos and our coverage [rePLAY] is that we give people at home a chance to see what they may have missed,” Emily commented.


If you didn’t make it CEDIA Expo or want to make sure you didn’t miss any hidden gems on the show floor, be sure to check out the full episode of rePLAY CEDIA Expo on demand here.


Steph and Emily showcased their favorite product videos in the following categories: audio, display and projection, control, lighting and shades, and security. A few of their top picks for audio solutions include Magna Audio’s Customizable Smart Table and the JBL classic series.


Display and Projection

For the coolest solutions in display and projection, Steph and Emily highlighted LG’s battery-operated briefcase TV and Seymour Screen Excellence’s four-way motorized masking screen, among others.



Moving onto control solutions, Steph and Emily think you’ll enjoy’s One Control Processor, Crestron’s refreshed OS4 Control Platform and Nice’s utility management.

Lighting and Shades

A big responsibility for integrators is optimizing lighting within the home for residents’ comfort and health. Emily commented that the lighting in a home can have a big impact on one’s circadian rhythm, for example. Here are some of Steph and Emily’s favorite solutions in the lighting and shades market.

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Security is a big topic in residential technology, and a lot of products featured on the show floor at CEDIA Expo were security related, according to Emily. Some of Steph and Emily’s favorite security solutions included this video recorder with facial recognition and this hidden door with AutoSwing technology:


That’s All, Folks

That’s it for rAVe’s recap of rePLAY CEDIA Expo 2023. Be sure to check out the complete lineup of Steph and Emily’s favorite solutions, as well as interviews and clips (including wedding footage!) from the show floor by watching the episode on demand.