RealMotion to Spotlight the Art of Generative Media in Two LDI 2019 Workshops

=MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, November 5, 2019 — RealMotion™, the pioneering leader in real-time content creation and integration technology, will host two LDI 2019 workshops that spotlight the art of developing interactive media experiences, according to RealMotion Director Geoffrey Platt, who will participate in both sessions and be joined in the second session by upLIGHT Partner & Principal Designer Michael Stiller.

“In two short years, generative media has moved from the periphery of the commercial AV and lighting industry to the center of every project that seeks to create an engaging and compelling human experience,” Platt said today. “Generative media lives and breathes in tandem with the gestures of human beings who interact with it. The two sessions we will host at LDI 2019 will explore different aspects of making this happen in a variety of ways.

The first two-day session, titled “The Art of Developing Interactive Media Experiences,” will take place November 18 and 19 from 9:30am to 5:30pm in Room N229 of the Las Vegas Convention Center. Attendees who have a working knowledge of real time content development and control protocols will enter a world filled with interactivity and generative media that explores some of the most cutting edge video technology while being immersed in the world where RealMotion serves as the ‘bonding agent’ for permanent installations or live events, binding content to sensors to tech infrastructure within an experience. Built for longevity, reliability and versatility, the servers of the RealMotion Gold Series will effectively manage unlimited layers of different media types (video, images, web content and more) and generate industry-standard, real-time content suited for an installation or a show.

“Attendees of this workshop will learn how to create generative media in the RealMotion platform, use third party hardware devices as interactive input devices, and learn about available hardware and configurations for RealMotion, as well the basics on surface mapping,” Platt explained. “The workshop is ideal for professionals seeking to explore different options in real time content creation and delivery tools, such as visual effects designers and interactive designers.”

The second one-day workshop, titled Data Made Beautiful: From Ones & Zeroes to Pixels and Particles, will take place November 22 in Room N206 of the Las Vegas Convention Center from 1:30pm to 3:00pm.

Co-hosted by upLIGHT Partner & Principal Designer Michael Stiller, the session will explore how data scraping, algorithms, and Artificial Intelligence are driving digital art forms in the service of place making and the creation of compelling environments. “These techniques, combined with interactive technology, have opened an entirely new universe of visual engagement, whether in the form of high-res video art or “big pixel” media-driven light art. Join us as we explore these trends in the development of lighting and video experiences,” Stiller said today.

The session will conclude with a case study of Sensing Change, an award winning, sculptural facade installation in Chicago conceived and implemented by the experience designers from ESI Design and lighting designers at upLIGHT.

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