Rants and rAVes — Episode 896: When Will LEDs Truly Replace LCDs and Projectors? Not As Soon As You Think!

For years, industry pundits have predicted the immediate demise of the projector, due to flat panels. Now, there’s a cry that the flat panels will disappear, any day now, due to LEDs. Do you believe the hype? Well, here’s what Absen’s Director of Sales, Mitch Rosenburg, thinks — and this matters as, not only is Absen the world’s largest exporter of LEDs but, they have a vested interest in the flat panels’ and projector’s imminent demise. So, when Mitch said it’s a lot further away than everyone thinks, I believe him. But, this podcast is worth listening to as he does present a roadmap of sorts and the blueprint of how and why it’s going to happen. Listen to today’s podcast and let me know what you think!