Rants and rAVes — Episode 867: Casio Will Bring a 4000 Lumen WUXGA Projector and New Wireless Collaboration Tech to InfoComm

Gary was joined by Casio’s Senior Director of Marketing at Casio, Joe Gillio, on his podcast today to talk about the 10+ year history that Casio has building LampFree projectors — starting with the LED/Laser/Phosphor-based technology and now, at InfoComm 2019, introducing a new R-Hybrid technology that’s allowing Casio to get 4000 lumens in a 1920 x 1200 resolution package. You’ll have to listen to today’s podcast to get all the specs (or wait another two weeks until InfoComm — they’ll be in booth 900) and, while you’re listening, Joe talks about Casio’s new Click, Connect and Collaborate-based wireless presentation system, dubbed the One-Click, that’s aimed at schools as it’s compatible with every OS including a ChromeBook (most wireless presentation systems aren’t ChromeBook capable). It’s all wrapped into this podcast and we hope you’ll listen and then head over to booth 900 at InfoComm!