Quividi Adds Vehicle Classification Feature to AMP Outdoor DOOH Measurement Tool

Quividi vehicle detection and classification featureQuividi announced a new vehicle detection and classification feature to its AMP Outdoor software that will measure, contextualize and optimize DOOH communication in urban environments.

Based on Intel’s OpenVINO, the solution counts the numbers of vehicles passing next to a point of interest. It then breaks passing cars down by type (car, bus, van, etc.) to generate live traffic, impression data and presence time. Vehicles are detected from 200 meters away with a 98% accuracy during daytime and 92% during nighttime. Impression data generated from the vehicle count is calculated based on the official average number of passengers per vehicle in a given market (i.e. 1.9 persons per car, 7 persons per bus, etc.).

The feature is included in AMP Outdoor, Quividi’s new platform to measure the performance of downtown DOOH assets (such as roadside billboards, city kiosks, EV charging stations, shop window screens) with their mix of pedestrian and vehicle audiences. The vehicle detection solution runs simultaneously to Quividi’s existing solutions. Live audience data is aggregated into a unified web dashboard.