Barco Launches Updated and Reengineered MVL-721 LED RPC Video Wall

Barco MVL 721 LED RPC video wall

Barco launched the next-generation MVL-721, a reengineered version of the LED RPC video wall. The updated product features high brightness, low power consumption, long life expectancy and updated image quality and sustainability.

The LED light sources of the MVL-721 improve the video wall’s brightness and safeguard futureproof manufacturing and supply. The 55% increase in brightness does not increase energy consumption. Improved energy efficiency gives the product the eco-green score in Barco’s stringent Eco score methodology.

MVL-721 has a light source lifetime of more than 100,000 hours in both normal and eco-mode. Barco’s service portfolio has been updated and offers comprehensive packages for the complete product lifecycle. The MVL-721 uses the Video Wall Manager Software to help install, configure and control the video wall.