Pure Fi Unveils New Ultra High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable


Pure Fi, a leading innovator in premium connectivity solutions for the Pro A/V space, today unveiled its new Ultra High Speed HDMI Active Optical Cable (AOC). Capable of supporting HDMI 2.1a features including uncompressed 8K video content at 60 Hz over extended runs, this new AOC is designed for professional A/V use and is ideally suited to digital signage applications. As such, Pure Fi will debut its new AOC at the upcoming Digital Signage Experience tradeshow in Las Vegas, which takes place November 17-19, 2022 at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Leading digital signage media player manufacturer BrightSign (booth #325) will use Pure Fi’s new AOC to power an 8K demo driven by the company’s recently announced BrightSign XC5 media player.

“Connectivity from source to endpoint is critical to deliver the very best digital signage experience,” said Jeff Hastings, CEO of BrightSign. “Just like our players, Pure Fi designed its new AOC to handle the most robust 8K content with ease. We tested the new cable and consider Pure Fi’s new AOC to be an ideal complement to our new Series 5 media players, especially for content-rich applications that require long runs from the player to the display.”

Pure Fi designs, engineers and manufactures its proprietary chipsets and system in-house, giving the company full control of the entire manufacturing and distribution process. Pure Fi’s deep expertise in optoelectronics enables the company to drive high-speed data over long distances to create smarter connected solutions for the professional A/V market. Pure Fi’s new AOC is much better suited to high-speed data transmission than conventional copper solutions, with significant advantages where it matters most:

High-Bandwidth Connectivity: Throughput up to 48 Gbps, supporting 8K content at 60 Hz or 4K content at 120 Hz.

Extended Range: Pure Fi’s 50-foot AOC is certified through the Ultra High Speed HDMI cable certification program, and additional lengths of 15 and 25 feet are in the process of being certified. Additionally, custom cable lengths can be made and certified upon request.

Low Electromagnetic Interference: Running 8K video content via traditional copper cables generates high electromagnetic interference, whereas Pure Fi’s AOC generates near-zero EMI.

Lightweight & Flexible: In contrast to heavy shielded copper cables, Pure Fi’s AOC is less than .2 inch thick, and a 300-foot cable weighs less than one pound, making installation a breeze.

True-to-Life Sound: Enhanced Audio Return Channel (eARC) allows high-fidelity audio for an immersive surround-sound experience.

Plug & Play Simplicity: Unidirectional cables greatly simplify connectivity, with no external power or software required.

Compliant with the Latest Industry Standards: Pure Fi’s new HDMI AOC is fully compliant with the latest industry standards, including version 2.1a of the HDMI specification.

“HDMI Forum in conjunction with HDMI LA have created the Ultra High Speed HDMI cable certification program to ensure HDMI cables are tested and certified to the HDMI 2.1a specification at HDMI Forum Authorized Testing Centers,” said Rob Tobias, CEO and President of HDMI Licensing Administrator. “We applaud Pure Fi for certifying their AOC cables so that installers can be assured they are buying quality cables that have passed certification testing.”

Pure Fi cables which are UHS certified can be identified by the UHS certification label on the packaging.