PROTON CAM Is Literally Smallest Broadcast Camera Ever Made

proton cam

PROTON Camera Innovations just launched something called PROTON CAM and, in this case, it is, in fact, the world’s smallest broadcast-quality camera. PROTON CAM is tiny in size, measuring just 28mmx28mm and weighing only 24 grams, but also incorporates market-leading specifications compared to other comparable cameras on the market. From an image quality standpoint, it incorporates 12-bit sensor technology and advanced FPGA to capture a wide-angle view of up to 120° in low-light environments.

Power consumption is a further area in which the PROTON’s advanced feature set provides broadcasters with greater flexibility in how and where the camera is deployed. Not only does the camera maintain a longer battery life than comparable market offerings, but its lower power consumption also reduces heat generation, ensuring reliable operation even in challenging environments.

The PROTON represents an ideal solution; its compact design, low power consumption, and superior image quality make it perfect for capturing breathtaking aerial shots in everything from live sports events to cinematic productions.

In the realm of sports broadcasting, the PROTON opens up new possibilities for immersive viewer experiences; It can be mounted on players and referees, or integrated into equipment, be that on-board cameras in motor racing or extreme sports, or nets and pitch-markers in tennis and football. These unusual and often unprecedented angles and perspectives enhance the overall viewing experience for audiences worldwide, immersing viewers in the moment.