Sonrai Security Unveils Cloud Permissions Firewall for AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

sonrai security

Sonrai Security unveiled its Cloud Permissions Firewall for AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. This technology “helps manage cloud access and permissions security, offering a one-click least privilege solution with zero disruption for cloud operations and development teams.”

The Sonrai Cloud Permissions Firewall identifies and determines the necessary access or rights required for running workloads in the cloud. It then blocks unnecessary and risky access to cloud services and permissions across the entire cloud estate.

Between AWS, Azure and GCP, there are over 42,000 possible permissions, with new permissions added daily. Sonrai says thousands of permissions can be leveraged to do damage — including exposing data, nefarious entry, privilege escalation and lateral movement. As companies scale their clouds, unused sensitive access and privileges balloon, leaving gaping security holes. Sonrai says its Cloud Permissions Firewall closes these holes instantly.

The Cloud Permissions Firewall claims to deliver:

  • 92% reduction in the cloud permissions attack surface
  • 97% time saved accomplishing least privilege
  • 100% protection of new identities