PROLIGHTS Fixtures Illuminate Echelon Festival

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Echelon Festival, renowned as one of Germany’s foremost techno and house music festivals, was illuminated with a stunning display of PROLIGHTS fixtures. This electrifying event took place at the historic Ehemalige US Kaserne, a former NSA Satellite Tracking Station, and showcased an outstanding lineup of top-tier techno and house music artists, captivating a throng of dedicated electronic music enthusiasts.

Revolution Rental designed an innovative lighting setup at the festival’s Main Stage, elevating the overall experience for both performers and attendees. A stunning array of 130 PROLIGHTS fixtures, including the LumiPar 12IPLumiPar 7IPSolar 27Q, and Solar 48Q, was meticulously suspended, crafting a spellbinding visual spectacle that harmonized seamlessly with the musical performances.

“The essence of Echelon Festival has always been pushing boundaries and delivering an unforgettable experience. PROLIGHTS fixtures played a pivotal role in accomplishing this mission. Their exceptional versatility and unwavering reliability enabled us to craft a luminous masterpiece that not only complemented the extraordinary music but also transformed the entire festival into a visual marvel,” declared the Revolution Rental team.