PROLIGHTS Expands ECL Collection Into One-Stop Lighting Solution

Prolights ECL collection

It has been a year since the release of the PROLIGHTS ECL Panel TWC, a 2×1 soft light tunable white and colored LED for TV and studios. With recent product launches of late 2020, PROLIGHTS had expanded the ECL collection into what can be described as a one-stop lighting solution for TV, streaming and motion picture studios — the product portfolio includes Fresnels, Ellipsoidals, PARS, Cyclorama and soft-light panels, with fixtures available in multiple sizes and with different LED sources as Tunable White + Coloured LED sources or static white (tungsten and day-light).

The entire ECL range uses the latest electronics and LED sources available — this includes RGBW + Warm White sources, or six-color LED array, across the range, except in the fixed colored options. The company prioritizes TM-30 and TLCI sources and high refresh PWM settings optimized for ultra-high-definition cameras.