Planar Intros Next Gen Clarity Matrix With Thinner Bezel, 4K Input, Remote Management

Clarity-Matrix-with-G2_Architecture-0114This week Planar announced the next generation of its Clarity Matrix LCD video wall system, featuring what the company is calling its new G2 Architecture. This new version features several feature upgrades that integrators will appreciate, including a thinner bezel, fewer cables and easier service. The tiled bezel width of the display is now just 3.7 millimeters, besting the previous generations 5.5 millimeter tiled bezel width.

The new G2 architecture allows the display to accept a 4K signal — the individual panels aren’t 4K, but you can basically create a 4K display in a 4×2 configuration. Planar’s Big Picture Plus processing is built-in, so content can be scaled across either the entire video wall, or sections of it. It also offers 10-bit color processing.

The Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture also offers built-in video extension (up to 330 feet/100 meters) and now a single power supply can power up to eight displays at once. Previously, cables had to be run to each display for power. A four-panel video wall, for example, now only requires a single cable.

clarity-matrix-3d-model2-0114Planar says these displays have been designed for 24/7, mission-critical applications, offering a 25 percent reduction in energy output due to off-board electronics. The company has also now integrated its WallNet software so displays can be monitored and troubleshot remotely, even in environments using single network management protocol (SNMP).

The Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture is available in the same sizes as before — 46″ and 55″, and there should only be a slight cost increase over the previous generation, which Planar says will be more than made up for in energy and cable savings. It’s also still ADA compliant, with an installed depth of 3.6″. For now, Planar will also continue to manufacture the previous gen Clarity Matrix display as well. Some models are shipping now and the rest should by the end of Q1 2014.

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The Clarity Matrix with G2 Architecture will be shown at both the ISE show in Amsterdam next month, as well as DSE in Las Vegas immediately following. More information is here.