Panopto Video Content Management System Now Available on Zoom App Marketplace

Panopto today announced a new release of its integration with Zoom Video Communications, Inc., available for the first time on the Zoom App Marketplace. The integration brings together Zoom’s video communications solutions with Panopto’s video content management system, providing organizations with a way to manage, search and securely share Zoom recordings.

Many organizations have begun recording their meetings. For colleagues who couldn’t attend, recordings make it possible to watch the meeting on-demand from any device. For meeting attendees, recordings make it possible to review decisions and important ideas in perfect fidelity. And for the organization, meeting recordings help preserve institutional knowledge in the face of employee turnover.

When organizations start capturing meetings, they need a centralized repository for discovering, accessing, and sharing the recordings. To address growing market demand, Panopto has developed the most comprehensive add-on to Zoom for managing meeting recordings at scale.

Panopto provides a secure, Youtube-like video portal for managing and sharing Zoom recordings at scale. The solution automatically uploads Zoom recordings to Panopto’s video content management system. Once uploaded, the recordings are indexed for inside-video search, enabling viewers to find any word spoken or shared on-screen during the meeting.

With Panopto, Zoom administrators can use single sign-on (SSO) to simplify credential management and reduce internal support costs. They can set permissions for individual recordings, playlists and departmental collections of videos. They can securely embed videos and playlists into learning management systems, content management systems, CRM systems and other web portals. And they can audit employee viewing activity to ensure compliance with internal policies and industry regulations.

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For meeting hosts, Panopto automatically shares Zoom recordings with meeting attendees, and simplifies sharing with other individuals and groups within the organization. Hosts also benefit from an easy-to-use video editor and analytics that show who watched each video and whether they watched through to completion.

For meeting attendees, Panopto provides an interactive playback experience. A unique video player enables attendees to control how they watch the recording — seeing all participants at once, focusing on just the active speaker alongside their shared on- screen content or zooming in to see shared content in a full-screen view. Attendees can also bookmark key moments within videos in order to easily recall important information. They can chat about relevant topics after the meeting using threaded discussions. And they can watch the meetings offline using the Panopto mobile app.

All the details on the new offering are here.