Panasonic Debuts Ruggedized, Outdoor Displays

panasonic-outdoor-0613Panasonic’s newest LCD display, the LFX6, is designed for outdoor digital signage applications. The 47-inch TH-47LFX6U is spec’d at 1,000 cd/m2  of brightness — even in direct sunlight — and is rated at IP44-level dust and water resistance. The LFX6 is designed to operate in harsh environmental conditions such as heat, humidity, extreme cold and high brightness and features a corrosion-resistant aluminum cabinet and tempered glass that allows for safe outdoor use. The display can be mounted horizontally or vertically for flexible installation, and includes a weatherproof seal around all power and signal cables, while preventing tampering. Unlike most outdoor displays, which require separate enclosures, the LFX6 requires none.

The native 1920x1080p LCD-based LFX6 features an air-cooled system that suppresses temperature increases due to direct sunlight exposure, as well as prevents blackouts. Plus, Panasonic says an IPS panel with a wide viewing angle displays clear images with accurate colors, even when viewing the screen from a left or right angle. The Panasonic outdoor display also benefits from low power consumption and a wide range of professional features including DIGITAL LINK (HDBaseT input) technology, a single LAN cable solution that enables users to transmit images, sounds and control signals to the display — up to 328 feet in distance (from switchers like the Extron XTP or AMX Enova). This allows indoor installation of media players or content source devices for easier serviceability and the elimination of additional protection requirements for these devices from the harsh outdoor elements. DIGITAL LINK also allows for the remote monitoring and control of the display to assess temperature, filter clogs, fan locks, etc. and enabling a prompt response to any equipment malfunctions.

This list is $8,248 and all the specs are here.