RCF Debuts 2500-Watt Subwoofer

rcf-array-0613Designed to be used with the new HDL 10-A D-Line array, positioned between the SUB 8003-AS and SUB 8006-AS,  the new RCF SUB 8004-AS includes the ability to be flown vertically to match the footprint of the HDL 10-A, but turn it horizontally and it can be flown above the HDL 10-A. In addition, RCF says that the SUB 8004-AS will have further application as a complement to both the ART Series, as well as the NX L23-A and new NX L24-A.

The active, process-controlled SUB 8004-AS bass reflex subwoofer is powered with a purpose designed two-way digital Class D amplifier, 1250W RMS (2500W peak). The SUB 8004-AS is also equipped with matching digital input board.

The transducer has been designed with a very long excursion down to 35Hz and there is a full set of input configurations such as crossover selection, cardioid configuration and delay system setting. All the characteristics, connections and controls are exactly the same as the SUB 8006-AS. The SUB 8004-AS input section includes Volume control, a Deep / Punch switch; Signal, Power and Limiter LED’s; High pass switch; Phase switch; Cardioid switch; Delay control; Crossover and XLR signal link.

Here are all the specs.