Panasonic Debuts Drive-Thru Menu Digital Signage System

Panasonic-Digital-Drive-Thru2-0914Panasonic launched its digital drive-thru system today, which the company says brings the power of digital menu boards and integrated audio/video to the drive-through. Panasonic also unveiled its virtual site manager, a video-based loss prevention solution that enables operators to control and monitor restaurant operations remotely, reduce shrinkage and increase profits and productivity.

The virtual site manager solution combines video intelligence with point-of-sale systems and enables operators to monitor and manage their restaurants from anywhere. Managers can access the searchable transaction video database of point-of-sale transactions, create custom automatic alerts for key or suspicious events, and oversee staff compliance and security. Both of these technologies give operators the tools they need to improve operations and increase sales.

According to Panasonic, this is the first fully-integrated digital drive-thru system that combines weatherproof, glare-resistant outdoor displays with outdoor mounting, integrated audio and video capabilities, on-screen order confirmation along with a host of services and support solutions. High-brightness weather-resistant Panasonic LED displays are integrated and have the ability to work in variable temperatures (-20 to +50c) and are also vandal proof. The displays’ 2,000 cd/m2 spec means viewability in direct sunlight. Designed for outdoor use, the displays do not require separate cooling/heating enclosures.

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