Panamax Adds New SM3-Pro Power Management System

panamax-0914Panamax has announced a new BlueBOLT-enabled SM3-Pro System Manager. Using BlueBOLT technology offers integrators the ability to:

  • Perform remote hard reboots monitor energy usage and network status
  • Program scheduled on/off commands to reduce energy consumption
  • Automatically reboot equipment after connectivity loss
  • Create custom triggers for on/off, reboots and alerts depending based on sensor inputs monitoring environmental conditions

The SM3-Pro features three outlets in two banks, a two-port network switch, AVM protection and two accessory ports for external sensors or triggers in a compact 5.8” x 9.6” x 1.6” chassis. The SM3-Pro will begin shipping in late Q4 2014 and will include a mounting kit.

It’s not on the company’s website yet, but when it is, it will be here.