Nortek Intros New Panamax BlueBOLT-Enabled Advanced Power Conditioner


Nortek Security & Control LLC is introducing the Panamax VT1512-IP Advanced Power Conditioner, a BlueBOLT-enabled, ultra-slim form factor vertical rack power conditioner and power sequencer. Measuring a slim 1.7×1.75×37 inches, the VT1512-IP is a full-featured power conditioner providing protection and filtration for maximum longevity and performance of connected equipment. The Panamax VT1512-IP is BlueBOLT enabled, […]

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Panamax and Furman Announce New Power Distribution Solutions


Panamax and Furman have announced a plethora of new power distribution solutions, including new remote controllable outlets, IP controllable power products, a voltage regulator and small install accessories. Panamax Vertex 12 and 16 Outlet Power Distribution Units: Two new Panamax vertical power distribution units — the VT-EXT12 and VT-EXT16 — add flexible protected power to […]

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The ELAN New Home Program Expands into the Nortek Security & Control New Home Program with a Full Array of New Solutions


Nortek Security & Control LLC (NSC) today announced the expansion of its newly rebranded Nortek Security & Control New Home Program, which now includes the company’s complete lineup of solutions. In addition to the solutions from NSC’s ELAN, SpeakerCraft, Panamax and other custom installation brands originally included in the ELAN New Home Program, the Nortek […]

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Panamax Adds Local IP Control to BlueBOLT at CEDIA 2017


Panamax today announced the introduction of the BlueBOLT-CV2, a new interface enabling energy management features of Panamax PRO products to be managed from the local network without requiring a cloud connection. Integrators can monitor their clients’ power as well as set up a number of notifications alerting them of network and or power anomalies. Scheduled events and auto-reboot functions […]

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Panamax Debuts VT4315-PRO, IP Controlled Vertical Power Conditioner


Panamax by Core Brands featured a full-featured, vertically mounted, IP-enabled power conditioner at CEDIA 2016. The VT4315-PRO features Panamax’s Protect-or-Disconnect surge protection and Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) over/under voltage protection, plus Linear Filtering for best performance of protected equipment. Additionally, Gigabit-ready and high-bandwidth coaxial signal-side protection are on board to safeguard from lightning damage that […]

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Panamax Introduces IP Controlled Vertical Power Conditioner, the VT4315-PRO


Panamax today introduced its all new VT4315-PRO at InfoComm 2016. The new vertical power conditioner with IP control capabilities is on display at Core Brands’ Furman Booth #C11322 in the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada from June 8-10, 2016. The VT4315-PRO features Panamax’s Protect-or-Disconnect surge protection and Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) over/under […]

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Panamax Adds New SM3-Pro Power Management System


Panamax has announced a new BlueBOLT-enabled SM3-Pro System Manager. Using BlueBOLT technology offers integrators the ability to: Perform remote hard reboots monitor energy usage and network status Program scheduled on/off commands to reduce energy consumption Automatically reboot equipment after connectivity loss Create custom triggers for on/off, reboots and alerts depending based on sensor inputs monitoring […]

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Network Control Added to BlueBOLT Power Management Platform


BlueBOLT, now a separate brand from Panamax/Furman within the Core Brands group owned by parent company Nortek, today introduced a network management feature to its cloud-based power and energy management platform. The new feature allows users to query (ping) any device with an IP address on a network from a BlueBOLT-enabled component with a BlueBOLT-CV1 […]

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Panamax Ships MD2-ZB SmartPlug and BB-ZB1 BlueBOLT Gateway


Today, Panamax started shipping its MD2-ZB SmartPlug and BB-ZB1 BlueBOLT gateway, both of which allow for energy management, surge protection and BlueBOLT functionality to individual outlets. Part of the Panamax “MD” family of direct plug-in devices, the MD2-ZB SmartPlug provides energy monitoring, individual outlet control, scheduled and surge protection in a small form-factor that plugs […]

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Panamax’s Rack Ears Are Now Removable


Panamax’s BlueBOLT-enabled power conditioners, the M4315-PRO and M4320-PRO, are now shipping with removable rack ears. The rack ears come pre-installed flush with the faceplate, but can be adjusted forward or backward for various installation options for maximum flexibility. Whether in a cabinet, in a console or on a shelf, the new design and slimmer 17″ […]

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Panamax Adds Cost-Effect Power Management Solutions


10Panamax announced this month the latest additions to its MR series of cost-effective power management products for home theaters: the MR4300 and MR5100. Panamax says the units’ Linear Noise Filtration eliminates common symptoms of contaminated power, including loss of detail, pops, hisses, hums and visual artifacts. For moderately sized systems, the MR4300 offers Linear Level […]

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Panamax Ships MR Series


Panamax today announced that it is now shipping MR4000, the first product in its new “MR series” of entry-level power management products specifically aimed at the home market. The MR4000 features something that Panamax calls Protect or Disconnect and Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM) circuitry, as well as Level 2 noise filtration. The MR4000 features eight […]

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