Palmer Digital Group Shows Outdoor Display Solutions at InfoComm 2023

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Palmer Digital Group is showing its outdoor display solutions for retail and hospitality at InfoComm and it also launched the PDG’s EV24-1C all-in-one Electronic Vehicle (EV) charging solution, which integrates Samsung OH24F outdoor displays, targeted for businesses and public spaces. Palmer says that many PDG menu board structures can be lifted into place by two technicians, removing the need for expensive crane lifts. In addition to providing in-house installation services, PDG works with outside integrators, and their simple integration steps and connections for power and media content offer big benefits for installers.

The EV24-1C has a much smaller footprint than PDG’s EV55-C model (used with Samsung’s larger OH55A display), which dramatically drops the cost of both the EV kiosk and the installation. The kiosk is flexible, supporting one or two IoTecha 80-amp chargers and one or two OH24F displays. PDG’s 14- and 12-gauge, high-impact steel construction of the supporting structure ensures longevity, and structures can be painted any color to match business or surrounding environments, with options for custom printed decals and kiosk wraps.

PDG is also showing its 46-inch QSRDMB146 and 55-inch QSRDMB155 single-display Outdoor Digital Menu Boards (ODMBs), each of which includes simple network and electrical connections for dynamic media content and local power, along with shelving for media players and routers.

The QSRDMB146 supports one Samsung 46-inch OH display, and is ideal for use as a pre-sell board early in the customer’s drive-thru journey. The QSRDMB155, with one Samsung 55-inch OH display, represents the smallest form factor for PDG’s range of outdoor digital menu board solutions, which also include larger double- and triple-display models. The larger models invite even more creativity for dynamic media presentation, allowing businesses to creatively arrange, manage, update and monetize menu board content across display panels.

All PDG menu boards are ruggedized and rated to battle the elements, withstanding temperatures of -20f to 122f and wind load ratings up to 140 mph. They are constructed 7-gauge, high-impact steel braces and thick-walled tubing.