Origin Acoustics Adds New Design-Centric Soundbars

origin acoustics soundbars

Origin Acoustics just announced its new design-centric and installation flexible soundbars. The new line of Origin Acoustics soundbars includes several unique features designed to address the cosmetic needs of consumers, along with the installation flexibility needed for today’s design-centric homes.

The line consists of eight multichannel models, which align with most TV widths and utilize its patent-pending InstaWidth design. This allows you to adjust each end cap up to.75” inches, allowing for 1.5” inches of total adjustment. Origin says its VesaMatch mounting design makes installation easier and provides flexible mounting options.

There are also two LCR models available for on-wall home theater applications. All products utilize a mix of 3.5” fiberglass drivers along with 1” DPSD Silk dome tweeters wrapped in a beautiful aluminum cabinet for amazing sound and clarity.

The new Origin Acoustics’ soundbars are here: https://originacoustics.com