Origin Acoustics Celebrates One-Year with Aluminum Domination


Launching the industry’s first ever in-wall and in-ceiling aluminum speakers, Origin Acoustics says that they actually get better sound from them than using MDF or plastic ever did. Founder Jeremy Burkhardt addressed all the attendees of first press conference held here at CEDIA Expo 2015 in Dallas, by explaining that, even though many industry pundits thought the in-wall distributed audio market was already cluttered, Origin Acoustics has added over 2,000 dealers and has over 140 product SKU’s.

“We actually adding profit to the integrator while saving them time on the install,” proclaimed Burkhardt while taking about their industry-innovative tool-less installable in-wall and in-ceiling speakers. “Integrators actually still charge the same amount of money for the install, but it takes them 6-12 minutes less time to install each speaker.”

Burkhardt is showcasing the quality of the company’s pivotable-speakers here at CEDIA with the world’s first in-ceiling Dolby Atomos theater in their booth.

Origin Acoustics is launching a line of 3″ can (square and round) in-ceiling distributed audio speakers — calling them “bite-sized” audio as well as $4,000 per-room complete system packages. But, probably the most interesting thing I saw there was their outdoor line-array speaker line — think concert line arrays but for the home — making distributed sound without blasting the neighbors.

You can check out the entire new line here.