Only Five Cables


Following up from my earlier blog post about buying a new TV, our household is moved to the new house. And we’re mostly unpacked.

My friend and former co-worker Mike came over last week to help me hang the new TV on the wall, and I’ve rebuilt the AV system. It’s fully functional, now I’m fine-tuning the control programming.

The thing that struck me, even though it’s blindingly obvious, is that the entire system is connected with only five cables.

Five HDMI cables, and that’s it.

It’s wild how far we’ve come.

Okay, fine, there are also power cords. But those don’t count.

Not more than a month before we moved, my antique Denon DVD player finally died. So I gave it a proper burial and treated myself to a new Bluray player.

It’s still a work in progress, but show me someone’s home system that isn’t.