OneVision to Unveil Enhanced RMR Strategies During CEDIA Expo 2018

Boston, MA (August 2018) OneVision Resources, provider of the home technology industry’s first and only service transformation platform, is unveiling several new RMR offerings at CEDIA 2018. These new membership benefits include an enterprise-level cybersecurity offering, white-glove concierge-level services, and personalized 1-on-1 technology reviews for clients. These evolving memberships empower OneVision partners to drive higher RMR conversions while continuing to deliver the best possible service experience to their clients.

Delivering quality support while generating RMR has been an ongoing challenge for the industry. Finding the time to properly develop and market service memberships is all but impossible for the vast majority of home technology professionals (HTPs). Without having the necessary resources in place to consistently deliver excellent support, identify new service opportunities, and then operationalize them in a timely manner, RMR initiatives quickly lose steam if they get started at all.

OneVision eliminates this challenge for its partners, providing them with a team of service experts who work with and on behalf of the integrator to implement proven strategies that enhance the client experience, drive RMR conversions, and bolster service profitability. OneVision partners gain access to a growing roster of compelling membership benefits which deliver increased value to their clients and boost bottom-line profits. Combine this product and marketing development with OneVision’s strategic planning, white-label support team, and heavy investment in ongoing partner training, and HTPs finally have a clear path to a sustainable, scalable, and profitable service department.

Network Security
Leveraging Cisco’s enterprise-grade network security hardware, OneVision partners can now offer their clients unparalleled peace-of-mind in today’s environment of ever-increasing cybersecurity threats. Using the same hardware protecting Fortune 500 companies, OneVision partners can now secure their client-networks from ever-present online threats. The hardware can be drop-shipped to the integrator or directly to the client’s home and arrives preconfigured; it can be installed by even the most entry-level technician. This makes for simple setup and provides homeowners with an unrivaled level of protection from today’s increasingly sophisticated network exploits.

“The internet has transformed our homes and opened the door to increased threats to our privacy. Homeowners are keenly aware of this, making comprehensive network security a requirement for all technology professionals,” says Wynne Walker, a technology architect of Wynne Walker Group. “Homeowners expect technology professionals to facilitate secure networks and are willing to pay for the peace of mind. Because OneVision makes it easy for technology professionals to address these needs, it’s not only easy for me to recommend a OneVision partner to my clients, it’s essential.”

Concierge Membership
For clients who demand the best in everything, including service, OneVision partners will now be able to offer a “Concierge” membership plan. This plan will provide faster response times and white-glove support fitting for the most discerning clients. Concierge members will receive front-of-the-line access to the highest levels of support with a 10-minute response time guaranteed 24/7. The Concierge membership tier allows OneVision partners to both consistently address the most demanding requirements of their top-tier clients while pricing it at the appropriate premium.

“The Concierge Membership allows us to ensure that our most demanding clients will get the service they need when they need it,” says Jason Voorhees of Cantara, a luxury integrator in Orange County, CA. “Our partnership with OneVision allows us to deliver the incomparable  experience our clients have come to expect from us over the years in a profitable and sustainable manner.”

Technology Reviews
OneVision partners will now also have the option of bundling proactive “tech reviews” as part of their premium memberships, providing clients with system health reviews, ongoing training and education, and personalized technology recommendations. These in-home visits will provide clients with a full review of the health of their system to repair simple issues and diagnose/establish a plan of action for any issues requiring follow-up. Tech reviews will also provide an opportunity for HTPs to provide ongoing training and education designed to ensure clients are getting the most of out of their technology investment. Each tech review will create upsell opportunities in a low-pressure environment, ensuring clients can stay up to speed with the latest technology options.

“OneVision’s ‘Technology Review’ program fills a needed void in the service relationship with our clients,” says Phil Mulligan of PAC Hawaii.  “With regular Technology Reviews, we are able to identify system problems and get valuable client face time to present new/upgrade opportunities.”

Get on the Path to Profitable Service

Monetizing service remains one of the largest untapped opportunities in the professional home technology industry. Identifying the specific opportunities and developing comprehensive strategies to capitalize on them is just one of the many ways that OneVision positions partners on their platform for long-term success.

“Creating a truly profitable service offering requires driving real value to your clients in a way that’s different from anything they’ve experienced before,” says Joseph Kolchinsky, OneVision’s founder and CEO. “At OneVision, we work nonstop to help our partners capitalize on the growing opportunities surround premium support and deliver the best service experiences possible in a sustainable, scalable, and most importantly profitable manner”.

Home Technology Pros looking to tap into the massive opportunities of service are encouraged to contact OneVision today to stop by booth 3343 at CEDIA or get in touch online at: