OneVision Acts as a Director of Service, Helping Integration Firms Embrace Service as the Ultimate Differentiator

Boston, MA (August 2018) OneVision Resources, provider of the home technology industry’s first and only service transformation platform, helps integrators transform service from their biggest liability into their best opportunity. OneVision is more than a white-label support department and a viable avenue to recurring monthly revenue; the company works alongside company ownership to help lead and manage the service department as a Director of Service. This model enables residential integrators to become technology managers for their customers, building long-term relationships that lead to continued success.

Service: The Ultimate Differentiator

Today’s home technology market is shifting like never before. Technological barriers-to-entry are collapsing and new competitors are flooding the market. Integrators need a solid strategy to maintain their market position. Delivering a service experience that is head and shoulders above the competition is the ultimate differentiator.

OneVision helps integration firms position themselves for long-term success by exceeding their customers’ expectations for ongoing service while securing the recurring revenue that is available as technology managers. Integration firms that partner with OneVision benefit from a proven strategic roadmap and comprehensive plan that redefines the service process, transforming service into a sustainable, scalable, and profitable part of their companies.

Supporting the Cause: OneVision’s Partner Success Team

Once on the OneVision platform, integrators are paired with OneVision’s Partner Success team, which focuses on system implementation tailored to the individual company, process training, and sales management.

As a Director of Service, OneVision works with company leadership—even participating in company sales, service, and leadership meetings—to implement their shared vision for long-term profitability and scalability. Integration firms benefit from on-site onboarding and ongoing training designed to keep the entire team moving in sync toward capitalizing on the service opportunity.

Just as a full-time, in-house Director of Service would do, OneVision takes time to identify new opportunities and optimizes current strategies to position their partners to monetize the demand for premium support. As an example, OneVision is currently developing and implementing a plan to allows its partners to capitalize on the growing problems in cybersecurity and the increasing awareness of the genuine threats of cybercrimes.

OneVision: A Clear Path to Service Dominance and Increased Profits

Many integration firms view service as a liability, something to be handled after the significant work of project execution is complete. OneVision works with integrators who see the real opportunity in service and understand it is not just a problem to be dealt with but an opportunity for increased profits and company growth.

Integration firms that recognize service is the future of their business no longer have to face the “service problem” on their own. With a process in place to sell memberships to 100 percent of their clients, the typical integrator working with OneVision secures a path to double their net profits in three to five years without the hassle of hiring more techs or selling more projects.

Integrators who join the OneVision platform gain access to a highly-trained white-label support team, turnkey marketing stack, and a best-in-class service technology suite. Combining these resources with OneVision’s comprehensive suite of service technology and turnkey RMR solutions provides integrators with a clear path to service dominance. The OneVision platform empowers integrators to gain confidence and skills in the service realm, along with giving them the tools they need to convert service into a leading competitive advantage.

Meet OneVision and Learn More at CEDIA Expo in Booth 3343

CEDIA attendees are encouraged to visit booth 3343 to see how having OneVision at their side brings the energy, vision, and management needed to finally tap into the opportunities available to integrators willing to embrace a solution to the service challenge and break through the barriers preventing their service transformation.