OneVision Resources Shares Comprehensive Analysis of Remote Systems Management Platforms during CEDIA 2017

Boston, MA (August 2017) OneVision Resources, a leading provider of smart home service solutions, announces the release of an exclusive ebook,The Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management: A comprehensive analysis of modern RSM Platforms for Technology Managers. This first-of-its-kind, objective resource is designed to help integrators understand today’s evolving RSM landscape, allowing them to choose the tools that can help their business evolve into a service-first model, and enhance their clients’ overall technology experience.

“This ebook is not aimed at telling the reader which RSM platform is best, but rather to give home technology professionals all the tools and information they need to make that decision themselves  given their own unique business needs,” says Joseph Kolchinsky, CEO of OneVision. “We believe that service will be the cornerstone of all successful Integration companies moving forward, and we also believe that RSM is a vital component of any effective service strategy. The more integrators who embrace this technology, the better the experience we can all provide for our clients, raising the bar for the industry as a whole.”

The Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management provides a thorough analysis of more than 50 different features common to modern RSM platforms in an easy-to-follow framework. It provides detailed descriptions of each feature along with insights on their respective business impacts. This in-depth analysis enables the reader to critically and objectively evaluate each feature in relation to their specific business goals and structure, as well as their clients’ unique needs and expectations.

The ebook is paired with an online RSM Master Feature Matrix, a comparison tool readers can use to evaluate how the major RSM manufacturers approach each feature. OneVision is proud to have collaborated directly with all of the manufacturers included in this matrix — BakPak, Domotz, Ihiji, and OvrC. The results have been fully vetted by the participating companies, ensuring 100% accuracy. In order to provide the industry with always-up-date resource, OneVision will continually update the RSM Master Feature Matrix as platforms expand to include new features.

Choosing the Right RSM Platform Puts Integrators on a Path to Increased Profits
The Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management will benefit any integrator interested in elevating the level of service offered to clients with an eye towards differentiating their business and increasing profits, including the generation of recurring monthly revenue through service contracts. It is also designed to work in conjunction with OneVision’s service platform providing 24/7 support to integrators’ clients, further easing the transition to a service-based business model.

“Choosing the best RSM tool for an integrators’ business should not be a stumbling block to providing stellar service. This guide will help home technology professionals make a decisive and educated choice with confidence,” says Kolchinsky. “The time has arrived for integrators to find effective strategies for putting exceptional service as the core of their value proposition. Adopting RSM in your business is one of the most effective strategies both for elevating your client experience and improving your operational efficiency. With the Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management, we have removed a significant hurdle preventing many integrators moving forward with this important technology by providing them with the tools they need to make the best choice for their unique business needs.”

Learn More About the Benefits of Delivering Exceptional Service During CEDIA
In addition to the guide, OneVision will present several CEDIA courses during the week that demonstrate how home technology professionals can differentiate their business and provide tremendous value to clients by leading with service.

Download The Insider’s Guide to Remote Systems Management by visiting During the CEDIA Show in San Diego, visit OneVision at Booth #3329 to find out how their offerings help technology professionals increase profits while improving work-life balance, and find out why so many CEDIA attendees are seeking the tools and resources to shift to a service-based business model.