October Temperature Check Results: ProAV and Security Integration

Temperature Check Featured Images October Results

The month of October has come and gone, which means it’s time for another review of the results of our monthly Temperature Check. For October’s Temperature Check, we were interested in hearing from you, our readers, about how ProAV and security integration are interconnected. Here’s what you guys had to say.

How has the convergence between AV and security integration markets impacted your role or business

Our first question concerned the impact that the convergence of AV and security integration has had on our readers’ roles or businesses. The majority of respondents said the intersection has given their company the opportunity to add an additional revenue stream or that the convergence has had no impact at all.

We reached out to director of product management at Christie, Bill Zhu, to give his perspective on these results. Zhu concluded that display manufacturers and integrators probably have expanded business “as a common operational picture improved situational awareness and decision-making.” On the other hand, Zhu said audio manufacturers were likely less affected by the convergence of the AV and security markets.

Those who answered other to the previous questions said that the convergence of AV and security has allowed the company to “focus on delivering a service that is best-in-class and provides revenue return through AI.” Some said their business is just now realizing a convergence of AI and security. In contrast, others said their company had already merged AV and security and, therefore haven’t noticed any impact on the business in recent years.

When asked about the discrepancy between certain businesses being “ahead of the curve” as far as the convergence in security and AV while others are just now becoming aware of it, Zhu commented that the convergence of the markets results in more access to information such as computer data and analytics for users.

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“As analytic technology, such as threat detection dashboards, becomes more mature and/or accurate, customers will want to adopt the technology, which will drive the need for video products such as video walls. However, the rate of adoption will also be contingent on a client’s budget,” he said.

What specific technology do you believe has had the greatest impact on this burgeoning convergence

The second question we asked our readers concerned what specific technology they thought had the greatest impact on the convergence of the two markets. The majority of respondents said they believed AV-over-IP has had the most significant impact.

Zhu commented that AV-over-IP is important for security because it “allows features such as viewing information from multiple locations, including command centers, breakout rooms, third-party partners and backup centers.”

What areas do you think organizations should prioritize when investing in converged AV and security solutions

Finally, we asked what you guys think organizations should prioritize when investing in converged AV and security solutions, and the results were pretty evenly split amongst surveillance and monitoring, cybersecurity, training and educations, audiovisual equipment and access control.

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