NorthVision presents VisionShare “The Most Secured Wireless Presentation & Collaboration Solution”

NorthVision is a leading collaborative solution provider, focus on designing the next generation technology that connects our lifestyles and workspace. VisionShare is not just a product, it is also designed to provide the best balance between user-friendly and advanced technology. This solution will be presented at ISE 2020 with the aim to create the smartest work and education environment you have ever experienced before.

VisionShare’s innovative technology is a safe solution to collaborate and share information through WirelessHD 60GHz. Most of corporate businesses can sometimes invest thousands of dollars into security, but not every wireless platform requires such drastic measures. VisionShare provide a 100% effective solution to keep your private data safe.

6 reasons why to explain VisionShare secure design system:

1. WirelessHD 60GHz Doesn’t Require an Internet Connection, which means that your data is protected against internet breaches. As WirelessHD doesn’t required any internet connection and cannot be found in the WiFi searching list, it is not possible to hack into the presentation you are transmitting.
2. Designed with End-to-End Content Protection. All content in VisionShare system is being protected through HDCP and DTCP encryption. All raw data being transmitted are encrypted by unique and private keys for a protection from both ends.
3. Run on its Own Network System. There’s zero interference from other WiFi frequencies as VisionShare is having its own network without any setup required. Only a simple, stable and safe collaboration sharing system.

4. Does not Broadcast Signals that Can be Tracked. Through beam-forming technology, there are no broadcast signals that can be tracked. All signals are kept in the room where VisionShare system has been installed.
5. Point-to-Point Connection. VisionShare only allows one to one connection which means that there is only one device able to connect with the receiver through the WirelessHD network. Any interruption by any other device and the signal will discontinue immediately.
6. Create Own Unique ID Code: VisionShare has built its own unique code, other devices running on 60Ghz are not able to connect or interfere with VisionShare system.

VisionShare is an instant plug and play wireless presentation system that uses HDMI & USB-C wireless connectivity. VisionShare also adopts the newest technology to present faster speed and larger bandwidth to support TRUE 4K connections with near zero latency. No compression needed to present the best quality video performance ever. You see what you broadcast.

With Headquarters in Vancouver, Canada, sales offices in Europe, the US and Singapore, NorthVision is now rapidly expanding in the European region through a network of distributors in Germany, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Finland, Switzerland and Turkey. The objective is to have a global and Pan-European distribution coverage by the end of 2020 to deliver collaborative solutions that facilitate a much better way of working and learning.

Please come and visit us at ISE 2020 (Hall 13-E106) to experience the most advanced wireless, multi- touch and 4K collaboration solution you have ever seen before.