Niles Introduces Audio Integration Module for Access, Control of Digital Music Libraries

Niles Audio has a new source integration card, the IM-NET Network Audio Integration Module, that allows access and control of networked PC and Mac-based digital music files as well as online music subscription services. The IM-NET is also is Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA)-compliant so it automatically configures and plays digital content found on networked DLNA-compliant devices, including NAS drives. This was designed for Niles’ IntelliControl ICS whole-house entertainment system.

Niles says it is a quick install using the GXR2 six-source, six-zone modular multi-zone receiver’s card cage design. Niles also says IM-NET is the latest addition to a growing family of source integration modules that can be used with the GXR2 multizone receiver.

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