Niles Finally Ships Auriel Controller

niles-0914Niles’s Auriel MRC-6430 whole-home audio controller is finally shipping. The MRC-6430 allows up to six distinct music sources to play different music in up to six rooms.

Using TCP/IP, the MRC-6430 operates with virtually zero latency and is ready for future expansion into lighting control, remote management and HVAC control. That’s because Auriel is based on Core Brands’ ELAN Control Platform. Auriel leverages the ELAN g! interface to deliver control across all interfaces. The digital amplifier delivers 240-watts of total system power, 60 watts per zone. System configuration takes just minutes via a tablet, Windows or Mac computer, and each zone features its own bass, treble and volume setting that can be adjusted from the Auriel interface. The MRC-6430 can then be managed from a variety of mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPad and Android phones and tablets to Windows or Mac computers.

niles2-0914Niles claims that set-up is integrator-friendly as you can use the Auriel wizard and a tablet or PC to configure the system for sources, zone preferences, user interface customization and home theater control. For larger homes, two MRC-6430s can be paired to create a six-source, 12-zone system. Additionally, all zones are equipped with fixed or variable pre-outs for all zones, making it easy to add power and volume with Niles System Integration Amplifiers. With an optional Niles DBI-2 interface, homeowners can also route their doorbell through the system, which temporarily mutes music so that the doorbell can be clearly heard in every room.

Here are the tech specs.