New COBALT INDIGO GATEWAY Includes Quad-Channel Native ST 2110

cobalt indigo gateway og 2110

The new COBALT INDIGO OG-2110-BIDI4-GATEWAY is a bidirectional quad-channel native ST 2110 interface to SDI I/O available in the openGear form factor. The transmit and receive paths of the GATEWAY can operate simultaneously. The GATEWAY includes support for ST 2022-7 seamless redundancy switching, as well as IS 04/05 NMOS for automatic discovery and configuration. Cobalt also offers the SMPTE ST 2110 interface as an add-on to COBALT’S 9905-MPx or 9904-UDX-4K popular openGear processing cards with the simple addition of the INDIGO 2110-DC-01 daughter-card option.

For the first time, Cobalt will be showing a new factory-installed option for SMPTE ST 2110 input, the INDIGO 2110-DC-02, to its existing PACIFIC 9992-ENC openGear card. The option supports up to four inputs at 3G and lower resolutions, or one input at 4K resolution, with full NMOS support. Each encoder channel can be individually configured for SDI or ST 2110 operation.

The combination of the award-winning PACIFIC 9992-ENC with the ST 2110 input interface option creates a very powerful integrated solution that can be directly deployed in a ST 2110 facility for local encoding, low-latency transport over the Internet using RIST, or to drive a traditional ASI workflow, without having to deploy separate gateway devices. The ability to mix traditional SDI and ST 2110 feeds in the same device and support for IPMX provides even greater flexibility.