Study Reveals States Whose Residents Are the Most Anxious About Cybersecurity

Study Reveals States Whose Residents Are the Most Anxious About Cybersecurity

New data reveals which U.S. states search for cybersecurity-related issues the most. The data, compiled by the research team at cloud security company AccuKnox, analyzed search terms related to cybersecurity across every U.S. state to establish which states are the most worried about cybersecurity.

Vermont takes the crown as the state most worried about cybersecurity, with 840 monthly searches on average per 100K. The Green Mountain State’s top searched term related to cybersecurity was “how to avoid online scams”.

North Dakota follows closely behind in second place for the highest rate of searches related to cybersecurity. Residents of this state make 774 monthly searches per 100K. The state’s most searched terms are around phishing, such as “how to report a phishing email” and “how to spot phishing emails”.

In third place, Wyoming averaged 757 monthly searches per 100K related to cybersecurity. Residents’ most searched terms were “how to secure my email from hackers” and “how do I know if my email has been hacked”.

Delaware and Alaska rounded out the Top 5. The states with residents least concerned about cybersecurity are (from 50-46): California, Texas, Florida, Pensylvania and Michigan.

The research team gathered data from Google searches to determine which states had the highest levels of concern about cybersecurity over the last 12 months. The study looked at over 3,000 keywords and phrases that were searched on Google each month—phrases included “how to avoid online scams”, “how to report a phishing email”, “how to spot phishing emails”, “how to check website security”, “how to secure my email from hackers”, etc. The team then calculated the total number of searches for each state for 100,000 people and ranked the states from the highest to the lowest searches.

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