NEUTRIK Launches Third Generation etherCON Cat6A Product Line

neutrik-ethercon-0615Neutrik USA just introduced its third and most powerful etherCON range of products ever, etherCON Cat6A. Building upon its etherCON Cat5 and etherCON Cat6 lines, etherCON Cat6A products carry an “X” in their part numbers to differentiate them from other etherCON products.

The new etherCON Cat6A line includes a cable carrier complete with a Cat 6A RJ45 connector for self-termination, feedthrough D-size chassis connectors, and IDC-termination D-size connectors. The cable carriers are available in both nickel and black plating. They accept a cable OD range of 7 mm to 9.5 mm — suitable for a wide range of commercially available cables. The chassis connectors (both feed-through and IDC styles) are available in three finishes: nickel, black and a weatherized version that makes an IP65-rated connection when mated to the cable carrier.

Neutrik’s new etherCON Cat6A is fully downward-compatible with etherCON Cat 5 — both etherCON Cat5 and Cat6A cable carriers mate to both etherCON Cat5 and Cat6A chassis connectors.

Neutrik’s etherCON Cat6A is PoE+ compliant to 802.3at Type2. As with all Neutrik etherCON products, the new CAt6A range features rugged latching and durable housings.

Here are all the details.