Neutrik Americas Expands FIBERFOX Rugged Fiber Optic Product Line

neutrik fiberfox

Neutrik Americas announced an expansion to its FIBERFOX rugged fiber optic product line. FIBERFOX “bridges the physical contact world and the expanded beam world using chassis connectors that accept standard LCs on one side and any MIL-DTL-83526 compatible cable connectors on the other.”

The new EBC25 connectors feature green coloring, providing visual compatibility with similar systems. EBC25 chassis connectors feature a jam nut design for installation in environments where the D-size flange is unnecessary. This design provides a compelling drop-in alternative to existing MIL-DTL-83526 products. EBC25 cable connectors feature a durable EPDM boot and higher temperature resistance of -46°C to 71°C, compared to standard EBC15 black-and-orange connectors. EBC25 connectors are available in both 2-channel multimode and 4-channel multimode configurations.

Additionally, all FIBERFOX cable assemblies, whether in the traditional EBC15 black-and-orange coloring or the new EBC25 green coloring, can now be manufactured using Neutrik’s premium, extra-rugged XTREME cabling. XTREME cabling features a cut-proof and rodent-resistant double jacket with glass yarn reinforcement and an interior layer of aramid yarn, yielding an unparalleled combination of durability and flexibility.

As with all FIBERFOX cable assemblies, the new FIBERFOX XTREME cable assemblies require no special cleaning or measurement tools and feature IP68 weather resistance both mated and unmated. Further, they are wear-free with constant performance to 10,000 mating cycles with no maintenance required.

Neutrik FIBERFOX EBC25 connectors and XTREME cable assemblies are available now.