‘Networks of Tomorrow’ Drone Show Achieves Guinness World Record

Webp.net resizeimage 1 7When the energy group E.ON SE launched its “Networks of Tomorrow” campaign to highlight the importance of energy networks for the success of energy transition, it decided to stage a drone show in which a new world record was set: 150 drones flew 13 dynamic and static formations in a row over the Berlin Olympic Park. Nocturne Drone Shows, Jens Hillenkötter and E.ON SE achieved the Guinness World Record in the category of “Most consecutive formations by unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) single group.”

Jens Hillenkötter, executive creative producer of the show, designed a 30-meter diameter circle of light from 24 GLP FUSION Exo Beams in alternation with other beam fixtures, which simultaneously marked the takeoff and landing point of all drones. Consequently, the compact beam lights made their greatest impact during takeoff and the perfectly choreographed multistage landing of the drones.

You can watch the show here:

“In the sun, I used the Exo Beams to create ‘sun rays’ on the ground, which created grazing lights on the meadow,” Hillenkötter said. Hillenkötter used the moving lights and their 1-degree beam angle to support scenic looks such as the ascent of the drones or the shining sun.

The Exo Beam 10 from FUSION by GLP is an IP65-rated moving light. The Exo Beam 10 uses a 90-watt LED engine with a color temperature of 7,500 kelvin. These properties allow mid-air effects, both indoors and outdoors. Several factors favored the Exo Beams during the world record drone show that lasted approximately 10 minutes.

“First of all, the Exo Beam 10s from FUSION by GLP have an insane light output with a very defined beam path for their performance class,” Hillenkötter said. “The functionality of the Exo Beams is reduced to the bare minimum, yet I don’t miss any essential features and as a designer don’t feel particularly limited in my creativity. Since the FUSION by GLP product line is also competitively priced, this choice ultimately saves on the budget.”

Nocturne Drone Shows were responsible for the drone show itself, while Technology Arts handled the overall production. The Berlin office of the Ressourcenmangel Agency was in charge of the strategic concept, creation and campaign management.

In addition to further information about the “Networks of Tomorrow” campaign and its important contribution to the success of the energy transition, a video of the drone show can be seen on the campaign page here.