Almo Pro A/V Reveals “HoloPod,” Expands Hologram Technology

holoAlmo Pro A/V has announced the expansion of its hologram technology offering for businesses. Through its exclusive U.S. distribution partnership with ARHT Media, Almo now offers ARHT’s newest addition, HoloPod, a permanent version of the already available HoloPresence display. It is capable of delivering lifelike holograms that give a sense of presence in any room.

Here’s a video of how the HoloPod works:

ARHT Media Launches HoloPod – Corporate Application from ARHT Media Inc on Vimeo.

HoloPod delivers the real-life, two-way communication of the HoloPresence display but uses a plug-and-play cabinet that wheels into place within a room and is operational in minutes. The HoloPod comes equipped with an HD webcam, a two-way audio system, a built-in HD projector and the proprietary ARHT Engine software.

Last year, Almo and ARHT Media announced an exclusive distribution partnership, which gave integrators and resellers direct access to ARHT’s holographic telepresence technology.

AV integrators can sell this product, too. Attend the “How to Wow Your Audience with Futuristic Technology and Stay Within the Event Budget” webinar for more information. It is scheduled for July 14, 2021, at 2:00 p.m. EST. Register here.

“Our integrators are busy reconfiguring workspaces as professionals return part-time and full-time to their offices,” executive vice president/COO of Almo Professional A/V, Sam Taylor, said. “The challenge is that many still aren’t traveling and some have decided to permanently reduce their travel schedules. This is where holographic telepresence is a great addition to the redefined space as it allows businesses to reduce those expenses while enabling executives, sales trainers and public speakers to instantly be anywhere in the world in lifelike form via ARHT’s hologram technology.”

In May 2021, ARHT announced a partnership with flexible workspace provider WeWork to allow WeWork members and nonmembers alike the ability to leverage holographic telepresence technology.

“There has never been a more ideal time to invest in holographic technology and with all that Almo offers integrators, they can easily set up their end users to experience the benefits of reduced travel costs while effectively expanding their customer reach,” CEO of ARHT Media, Larry O’Reilly, said. “Regarding WeWork, the major benefit for Almo integrators is that they can access the technology at up to 100 locations around the world, giving them a network of active locations to use as they start building out their own network.”