Navori Updates QL Digital Signage Engine for ISE 2018

With ISE 2018 approaching, Navori is following last year’s major software refresh of its globally deployed QL digital software engine with new features that will strengthen how users create, manage and protect content. The company will demonstrate these new features, which include conditional triggering and web page authentication, at Stand 8-C390 in the Amsterdam RAI from Feb. 6-9.

Navori QL 2.0, introduced at ISE 2017, offers users a completely redesigned user interface, support for 34 languages, and a highly robust backbone for reliable content delivery and playout over networks of any scale. The fully HTML5-based QL 2.0 system, deployable in the cloud or on-premise, represents the broadest digital signage software refresh for Navori Labs in seven years.

At ISE 2018, Navori will introduce several new enhancements for the three main elements that comprise the QL digital signage engine: QL Player, QL Network Manager and QL Server.

QL Player

Navori will demonstrate its special QL Player for Samsung Tizen operating systems at ISE 2018. Now shipping, new features announced for ISE and on demonstration at the show include:

  • Remote content triggering, which automates delivery of high-priority content
  • Access and retrieval of data feeds, which synchronizes data feeds for playback within HTML5 animations

With remote content triggering, QL Player forwards important content to QL Server and its integrated QL Remote Controller app. That app then triggers the corresponding content for delivery to QL Player using web sockets. And with dynamic HTML5-driven access and retrieval of data and graphics, Tizen users can easily create more sophisticated layouts using HTML5 instead of standard template and ticker designs.
Furthermore, Navori will introduce web page authentication for password-protected page access on QL Players associated with Windows, Android or Tizen networks. The intuitive web page authentication process steps users through a process as simple as entering a URL, and managing a data grid with fields and buttons retrieved from the associated web page.

“The web page authentication process adds an important layer of security to the content delivery process,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori. “We have made it as simple as possible so that our customers can define values for each field and immediately publish over QL Player, or save that content with assurance that their signage is protected.”

QL Content Manager

QL Content Manager is the core of Navori QL’s multi-user, multi-tenant flexibility, with a dynamic HTML5 user interface and a straightforward workflow with dynamic design tools, multi-lingual support, performance analytics, content scheduling and network monitoring tools among other attributes. New tools for ISE 2018 include:

Conditional triggering, which allows users to select media in Content Manager’s library, and specify a value that will automatically trigger that content on QL Player when matched with data from an RSS, XML or other feed. In the case of multiple matches, all triggered content is played in succession.

Automatic playlist switchover in succession of priority, following completed of the preceding playlist.

Audio content playout inside tickers on QL Player for Windows, Android or Tizen networks. QL’s Ticker Designer tools support drag-and-drop functionality for audio clips and playlists, with options to pause and resume content with one-second fadeouts as new media or playlists are added to and programmed within the scheduling grid.

Other new QL Content Manager features to be introduced at ISE 2018 include video playback within web-based Media RSS feeds; and support for OpenType fonts on Windows, Android and Tizen networks.

QL Server

As the backbone of Navori QL, the QL Server is responsible for centralizing all content and players, providing a robust and redundant delivery architecture, and securing networks through access control and other administrative features.

At ISE 2018, Navori will demonstrate new administrative functionality that strengthens network oversight, including dynamic retrieval and storage of Microsoft Exchange user and resource calendar information within QL Server. This ensures that data feeds from the current day, or a predefined date range, can be quickly recalled and presented for development, testing and other administrative projects.

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