NAD Debuts Power-Packed But Inexpensive Stereo Audio C 725BEE Receiver

Last week, NAD Electronics launched the NAD C 725BEE Stereo Receiver, which the company says delivers performance of “separates” with the convenience of an all-in-one AUDIO-ONLY receiver.

The C 725BEE is unique in both performance and capability. Most receivers today are digital surround sound A/V models, appropriate for home theater use but with rare exceptions, unable to match the performance of a good stereo amplifier when it comes to driving stereo speakers.

The C 725BEE, however, uses an analog design by NAD Director of Advanced Development Bjorn Erik Edvardsen (BEE) that NAD says delivers the performance of separate high-end components with the convenience of a receiver at a far more affordable price than separate components typically cost.

In addition to a true BEE design, the C 725BEE also employs several of Edvardsen’s other developments including PowerDrive, the patented Distortion Canceling Circuit, the BEE Clamp, and a new, more highly refined circuit layout. NAD’s proprietary PowerDrive delivers maximum performance, independent of connected speakers, under virtually all circumstances by automatically adjusting power supply settings to best cope with a loudspeaker’s impedance characteristics.

Based on the same type of high-current toroidal transformer used in NAD’s high-end separate components, the C 725BEE provides 50 watts of continuous power, and ultra-low distortion. More important, the C 725BEE can provide as much as 200 watts, depending on the loudspeaker being driven, for short dynamic passages. If still more power is asked for, NAD’s exclusive Soft Clipping circuit prevents the harsh grating sound of hard clipping distortion.

This is a KILLER audio-only receiver for the price $799.