RTI Adds Control Driver and BluOS Multi-Room Music App

RTiPanel-KX2-T3x-BluOS-0117RTI today announced a new two-way driver for the full portfolio of BluOS-enabled devices from Bluesound and NAD Electronics. Developed by Lenbrook, the parent company of Bluesound and NAD, the new driver incorporates the BluOS into RTI’s automation and control ecosystem.

BluOS is the operating system that powers select NAD devices and all Bluesound Players. The proprietary system allows any BluOS-enabled device to connect to a home Wi-Fi network to access many popular streaming music services or a networked library of music. The music can then be “sent” to one or many BluOS devices, even if the devices are located in different rooms of a home. The two-way driver allows integrators to connect, manage and control an entire BluOS networked music system in a connected home through a single RTI user interface. The driver supports automatic discovery of players; presets, queue and individual streaming service browsing; metadata retrieval; analog and optical inputs; music player controls; switching between the RTiPanel and BluOS Controller Apps; and player grouping.

More details of the partnership are here.