Middle Atlantic Supports Tech Behind the Display With New Proximity Series In-Wall Box

map_proximity-0916As AV systems evolve away from the rack and become more decentralized, Middle Atlantic Products has launched a lineup of storage and mounting options to support these applications. The new Proximity Series In-Wall Box and Mounting Plates provide a convenient means for multiple device integration. The Proximity Series optimizes the space behind the display to conceal equipment, offering greater storage capacity with the flexibility of Middle Atlantic’s patented Lever Lock tool-free mounting system.

The Proximity Series In-Wall Box is engineered to provide convenient storage of components, power solutions, and cables recessed in the wall behind the display for localized, all-in-one system support. Middle Atlantic says it is the industry’s only in-wall box built for small device mounting flexibility with Middle Atlantic’s tool-less Lever Lock mounting plates included. The in-wall box offers four levels of mounting space for unmatched flexibility and maximum storage optimization. The small in-wall box ships with one 4-inch mounting plate, while the large model ships with two 4-inch mounting plates to accommodate the growing number of small devices needed at the display location. Additional Lever Lock plates are available to accommodate any installation need.

The Proximity Series In-Wall Box also natively accepts Middle Atlantic’s compact power products, including the industry’s fastest-responding, non-degrading patented Series Protection. Top and bottom knockouts provide clean wire management and high-voltage power access. Also included are a J-Box, duplex receptacle and trim ring to ensure a professional, aesthetically pleasing finish.

As part of the series, an optional Proximity Mounting Plate attaches directly to the back of the display for additional localized small-device mounting support. Both the Proximity Series In-Wall Box and Mounting Plates are complementary to the new Middle Atlantic Vision Display Mounts, a lineup of 17 professional-grade display mounts.

You can see all the specs here.